Civil Engineering

General Civil Engineering

Colin Jones (Rockengineering) Ltd have been involved with civil Engineering since the 1970's and has worked on various bridge and waqll replacement/ repair / reconstruction and strengthening projescts nationwide.
Colin Jones (Rockengineering) Ltd were the first in Wales to use Fibreglass or G.R.P. soil nails to strengthen retaining walls.
Our rangeof skills within the Civil Engineering field are vast and varied and we are willing to take on any project whatever it's size.
  • General Civil Engineering
  • Slope, Bridge and Culvert Inspections
  • Landslide and Rock Fall Remedial Works

Bridge Work

  • Complete bridge re-building
  • Temporary bridge repairs
  • Temporary deck repairs
  • General repair work
  • Bridge and Culvert Repairs
  • Bridge and Culvert Replacements

Over the past 30 or more years Colin Jones (Rockengineering) Ltd has been actively involved in the bridge and retaining wall strengthening program with Gwynedd and Clwyd Councils. We have been successful in wining numerous contracts for the refurbishment, strengthening, deck replacement and complete bridge replacement works from both counties.

*Colin Jones (Rockengineering) Ltd have also won numerous awards including The Institute Of Civil Engineering's Historic Bridge Award for the A5 Nant Ffrancon contract in Gwynedd.

Retaining Wall

  • Retaining Wall Reconstruction
  • Retaining Wall Repairs

Marine Works

  • Harbour Wall Repairs
  • Concrete Slip way Construction
  • Pontoon Sub-structures
  • Dam Repairs


Over the years Colin Jones (Rockengineering) Ltd. have developed into one of the leaders in the region in the use of remedial applications of pre- mixed grouts injected under pressure into unstable and dangerous stone and brick walls.
The company has succesfully used these techinques on projects such as retaining walls, harbours and underwater in applications for the stengthening of bridges, viaducts, general buildings, castles, tunnels and sewers.
  • Pressure Grouting
  • Pressure pointing


All types of Gabions installed of various sizes, and including both types , woven and welded mesh.
We have placed gabions for Earth Retention, Erosion Control, River Training, Embankment Protection, Marine Works, Rock Face & Slope Stabilising.

  • Gabion Suppliers and Installers

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